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NOTE: As this website can be updated in the future, please expect a change on this page.

Assistive Technology Compatibility

This website is semantically written with Semantic HTML, which should be friendly with assistive technology such as Screen Reader. This website also supports the use of a keyboard for navigation. Images on this website contain alternative text.

Moving Elements

This website contains minimal transition for each state of certain elements. However, this can be opt-out by Disabling the Device Animation Effect.

Text Clarity

The lowest Contrast Ratio between text and background you will find on this website is 7.75:1 (links), giving a result of AAA in WCAG Compliance.

Flashing Images

As of now, this website contains no flashing images.


JavaScript is additionally used for site configuration, such as Themes and Accessibility. The website will still work well without JavaScript.

Device Compatibility

This website is compatible with both computer and portable devices with touchscreen such as Smartphone, Tablets. In other words, this website is mobile-responsive.

Browser Compatibility

This website is made targeting modern web browsers — any version released since and after 2021.